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Chris & Trivinia Barber: In Life, Work, and Love Together

Chris & Trivinia Barber share about their love, their life, and their faith in this episode of Recovering Church Girls.* While Trivinia is newer to the faith, Chris grew up a bit of a rebel in the church (no judgement on either; we can all identify, right?!?) and they each bring a new perspective to the daily in and out of faith and love, both in and out of the home.

Carrie Hoffman: Oh The Places We Will Go

Join us in our conversation with Carrie Hoffman, the co-founder of Bigger Life Adventures, as she shares her story of a childhood in church, to church leadership as a teenager and into college, thru her dark period of addiction and into the expansiveness of her spiritual life now.

Lisa Wade Berry: Real Big Love

Lisa Wade Berry, the author of Real Big Love, was a “spiritually curious” child and sought out religion and spirituality on her own. She shares the stories of her on again, off again, on forever journey with us, along with the truths and insights she experienced along the way.